• Sabokhat Tashpulatova Akbarovna Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Jizzakh polytechnic institute, Jizzakh, Uzbekistan



: springs, water quality, rural health, Gallaaral, Jizzakh.


The research aimed to assess the physical and chemical quality of drinking water of spring in Gallaaral and its potential health effect on study area population. Physical, chemical analyse results of 23 water springs of Gallaaral, in Jizzakh region were studied. These 23 springs are predominant source of water in Gallaaral. The people around the area regularly use from these springs without any treatment. The quality of these water sources has not been investigated and analyzed before for drinking purpose. Physical and chemical analyses revealed that these spring waters are toxic free and the area has very fresh and good quality water based on the guidelines of World Health Organization, national standart of mot Asian countries and standart values for Uzbekistan. Based on all standart of water quality microbiological properties also includes as determine good quality of water. Thus, we will plan to study bacteriologic analysis of water samples and identifiying results next step.        


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