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Breast cancer is one in all the foremost common causes of cancer death in girls. We are able to reduced mortality by mistreatment early detection. Early detection is with efficiency performed on Digital Mammograms. Typically manual reading won\'t offer the improper result. Laptop motor-assisted detection techniques are developed to enhance the performance rate. One in all them is diagnostic procedure. Diagnostic procedure is that the best accessible technique to find neoplastic cell in its earlier stages. usually radiologists can perform the roentgenogram readings it\'s tough to supply correct identification as a result of kind of factors like benign look of lesions, poor quality of image, eye fatigue issue, and deviation in brightness of objects in roentgenogram. To accrued the performance of detection the malignancy region in mammograms we have a tendency to area unit mistreatment the genetic rule and Seeded Region Growing rule. Seeded region growing hand-picked the Seeds mechanically looking on hard the picture element intensity. bunch is applied together with genetic rule with numerous Stages choice, Crossover and mutation area unit the genetic operations performed on the clustered image to supply needed results.


Mammography, SRG, Genetic algorithm

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Ashwini S. Zade, Prof. Mangesh Wanjari, Sneha Palkar, and Prof.Tushar Sangole, “SEGMENTATION OF MAMMOGRAM IMAGE USING SRG METHOD AND GENETIC ALGORITHM”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 10, Jul. 2014.