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Generally brain tumor detection and segmentation is a time consuming and challenging task from MRI image.MRI is a high contrast image that indicates the regular and irregular tissues that differentiate the margin of each limb overlapping. The information about the area of tumor is beneficial for the treatment of tumor. This per developed by using histogram thresholding along with the edge detection mechanism. This will help to obtain the geometrical dimension and contour of the tumor. The required time for segmentation in this method is less comparable to other conventional techniques. The results are 100% satisfying as it gives the area of the tumor which will be helpful for the further treatment of the tumor. Image segmentation is used to extract the abnormal tumor portion in brain. Histogram thresholding plays an important role to detect the location of the tumor whereas canny edge detection for the contour and area. This paper explores a method to identify tumor in brain disorder diagnosis in MR images.


MRI, Histogram, Thresholding, Segmentation, Edge detection, Area calculation

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