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This paper presentsthe construction industry is one of the main sectors that provide important ingredients for the development of an economy. The construction is the tool through which a society achieves its goals of urban and rural development. However it is
becoming more complex because of the sophistication of the construction process itself and the large number of parties involved in the construction process, i.e., clients, users, designers, regulators, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants. Modern construction projects are characterized by new standards, advanced technologies, multiparty participation, and frequent
owner-desired changes. Coupled with this state are inherent uncertainties and complexities in the physical, financial, and economic environment in which most projects are performed. Such conditions have made completing projects on schedule and on budget a difficult task to accomplish, often leading to claims on cost compensations and time extensions. This eventually leads
to delay in the completion of the project. Delay could be defined as the time over run either beyond completion date specified in a contract or beyond the date that parties agree upon for delivery of a project. It is slipping over its planned schedule and is considered as common problem in construction projects. The objective of this study is to identifythe major causes of construction
delays, its effects, and minimizing delays in construction projects. This study is carried out based on literature reviews and questionnaire survey.


Construction Management, Causes of Delays, Effects of Delays, Construction Industry, India.

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