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Three different floor post-tensioning floor systems have been considered for the present study are un-bonded and bonded post-tensioning for the geometry as flat slab with single and multiple span and flat slab with drop panel. Span of different length as -5mt, 6 mt, 7 mt, 8 mt, 9 mt, 10 mt. have been considered to evaluate different structural parameter. The panel of interior span is considered and model with equivalent frame method. Dead load due to self weight of the structure, live load and post-tensioned load are considered for the analysis. All analysis and design is done for the gravity load. The complete analysis and design of the floor systems have been done in the ADAPT-PT-6.0-an analysis and design programmed for reinforced and post-tensioned concrete structures. Different structural parameters like punching shear, deflection have been considered for different span of the slab. The code provision of ACI-318 have been used for analysis and design of posttensioned members. For the comparison for bonded and unbounded post tensioning systems, parameters considered are amount of PT reinforcement, amount of non prestressed reinforcement, slab thickness, stress developed in tendon at ultimate load.


Post-tension flat slab, ADAPT-PT, With and without drop cape, PT-reinforcement ,NonPT-reinforcement.

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Arthik Patel and Khan Mohammed Asif Mohammed, “DESIGN OF SUB STRUCTURE WITH DIFFERENT SHAPES OF PEARS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 11, Jul. 2014.