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In view of increasing vehicle quantity, this paper introduces a designed autonomous car parking system based on GSM module. The system has successfully been applied to GSM network in parking management technology, which makes parking much easier for drivers. In this proposed system, we reserve the parking slot in shopping malls, theatres and offices by using short message service (SMS). User reserves the slot by sending a message to GSM modem placed at the parking end. GSM modem gives slot number and a password if the slots are available which is used to allow or deny access to the parking area at the entrance and exit. IR sensor is used for the indication of empty slot with a green LED. User can park the vehicle at the given zone, and this is valid up to a certain grace period only after that the priority will be given to next user. RFID technology is used for entering and exiting parking area and also used to debit the amount for parking charges through RFID tag. The main contribution is the system has more security .Thus users can just reserve the parking slots using the SMS.


GSM, RFID, IR sensor, SMS

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K.T. Jadhao and Sandeep Parodkar, “GSM autonomous car parking”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 4, Jul. 2014.