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Gated communities of various types and sizes have grown significantly in the past one to two decades. In line with this, the number of studies and publications has also steadily increased. Some of the contributions have been the result of an international group of scientists who have been tracking the global emergence and spread of gated communities, private neighbourhood governance and urban territorial enclosure since 1999. Its findings have so far been published in a series of books and special issues of journals (including Environment and Planning B 2002, Geographica Helvetica 2003, Ciudades 2003, Housing Studies 2005, Trialog 2006, Geojournal 2006, European Journal of Geography 2007, Housing Policy Debate 2007) and discussed in eight
conferences (Hamburg 1999, Mainz 2001, New York 2003, New Orleans 2003, Glasgow 2004, Pretoria 2005, Paris 2007, and Chile 2009).

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