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The purpose of the current method is to create a safe and secure that helps the fish pond owners and aquatic planters in producing high quality fish by maintaining normal water levels in the fish tank. The flow of the low or high water in the fish pond will solve the long-term problem of killing fish in a fish tank. Each water quality can affect the health of animals alone. The flow of water on fish ponds discusses how every day should be monitored. This should ensure quality by handling the PH, membrane, temperature, ammonia etc. It is a symbol of good quality water quality standards and poor water quality pools and how it should be upgraded. It is recommended that a prerequisite to increase production by ensuring sustainable fresh quality, and consequently, priority should be given
priority. Therefore, water quality parameters maintain balanced positions, culture is the basis for the health and development of living organisms. It is recommended to monitor and evaluate water quality parameters on a regular basis 


Fish pond, Microcontroller, pH sensor, IOT.

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“IOT BASED SMART MONITORING SYSTEM FOR FISH FARMING”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 9, Mar. 2019.