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A cloud Computing is one of the most impressive service offered via internet which creates a platform to store and retrieve data Since user’s personal data is being stored in an unencrypted format on a remote machine operated by third party vendors who provide various services, the impact of user’s identity and unauthorized access or disclosure of files are very high. In this proposed system is using Dependability of the Users,Privacy and Integrity of Data (DPI) algorithms using improve the Performance evaluation of Cloud Computing infrastructures is required to predict and quantify the cost-benefit of a strategy portfolio and the corresponding Quality of Service (QoS) experienced by users. Thus, focusing on Load balancing in the cloud computing environment has an important impact on the performance. This paper takes care of multi objective resource provisioning scheme for handling multiple task classes for various workload facility. In this proposal, project is using a Best Partition Searching for distributing a file system to another cloud environment. This approach provides a security in terms of user authentication for “authorization” to enter the network which is made via Image Sequencing password to prove that the identity is original user, RSA algorithm to encrypt the data to provide data integrity, a highly parallel distributed data management service that enables to read /write and append huge data sets that are fragmented and distributed at a large scale. Thus this approach provides an overall security to the client’s personal data and the issue of concurrency, volume of data can be resolved with these techniques. 


Integrity of Data, Dependability of the Users, Quality of Service, Load balancing

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Ms. Sandhiya R, Mrs. D. Radhika, and Mrs. G. Sasikala, “DEPENDABILITY OF THE USERS IN CLOUD ENVIRONMENT USINGLOAD BALANCING AND INTEGRITY OF DATA”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 13, Mar. 2019.