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With the explosive growth of unstructured information, cloud storage technology gets a lot of attention and higher development. However, in current storage schema, user’s information is completely held in cloud servers. In different words, users lose their right of management on information and face privacy escape risk. Ancient privacy protection schemes square measure sometimes supported encoding technology, however these varieties of strategies cannot effectively resist attack from the cloud server. To resolve this drawback, have a tends to propose a three-layer storage framework supported fog computing. The planned framework will
each take full advantage of cloud storage and defend the privacy of knowledge. Besides, Hash-Solomon code formula is meant to divide information into completely different elements. Then, we are able to place a tiny low a part of information in native machine and fog server to shield the privacy. Moreover, supported process intelligence, this formula will figure the distribution proportion held in cloud, fog and native machine, severally. Through the theoretical safety analysis and experimental analysis, the feasibleness of our theme has been valid, that is basically a robust supplement to existing cloud storage theme is the witness of the recent years cloud computing technology.


Security, Authentication, One-TimeUsername, AccessControl.

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V. Shanmugavalli, S. Rathna, and Dr. S. Suresh Kumar, “A THREE LAYER PRIVACY PROTECTIVE CLOUD STORAGE THEME SUPPORTED PROCEDURE INTELLIGENCE IN FOG COMPUTING”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 7, Mar. 2019.

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