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It is critically important to enhance the quality of technical education in India. The National
Board of Accreditation, New Delhi (NBA) is putting the efforts since 1994. The Self Assessment Report
(SAR) for Diploma Engineering Institutes includes the calculation of Attainments of Course Outcomes (COs)
and Program Outcomes (POs). CO & PO relates to the “KSA” that is Knowledge, Skills and Attitude that
students acquire during the study. The program outcomes can be attained through the attainment of Course
Outcomes of individual courses included in particular program. This paper demonstrates the contribution of
Course Outcomes to program outcomes for a sample course “Metrology & Quality Control”. Also it
highlights the process involved in the attainment of Course Outcomes.


National Board of Accreditation, Self Assessment Report, Outcome based education, Course Outcomes, Program Outcomes

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Mr. Gajanan Madhukar Kulkarni and Mrs. Chamala Sachin Dhepe, “COURSE OUTCOME AND PROGRAM OUTCOME IN REFERENCE TO NBA ACCREDITATION PROCEDURES FOR DIPLOMA ENGINEERING PROGRAMS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. Special Issue, p. 11, Apr. 2019.