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In almost all the industries, three phase supply is used. In power systems, distribution transformer is electrical equipment which distributes power to the low-voltage users directly, and its operation condition is an important component of the entire distribution network operation. Their life is significantly reduced if they are subjected to overloading, resulting in unexpected failures and loss of supply to a large number of customers thus effecting system reliability. Overloading and ineffective cooling of motor are the major causes of failure in
motor. Alternative method of conventional fuse system is used as an economic solution. These methods are costly or the time of acquisition and operation parameters is too long, and testing speed is not fast enough. Hence, we are trying to make an universal protection system for any three phase load. This will protect any system from open circuit, short circuit, overshoot voltage, under voltage and temperature. 


Transmission loss allocation, Power flow tracing, Optimal power flow, Trace usage coefficients

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Ms.Priya.D.Duggal and Ms.Indrayani Patle, “FAULT DETECTION BY THREE PHASE TECHNIQUE USING MICROCONTROLLER”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 3, p. 5, Apr. 2020.