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Novel polymer based on sorbitol and maleic & phthalic anhydride has been synthesized. The mole
ratio standardized to get desire molecular weight, HLB ratio and surfactant properties. Liquid detergents
have been formulated based on these novel polymer and conventional active ingredient. This polymer has
been used as a total replacement of conventional LABS in detergent formulation. The proportion of SLS and
SLES has been varied to know the optimum performance. The percentage detergency along with stain
removing characteristic, surface tension, and foam height have been evaluated and compared with
commercial samples. This composition is producing excellent result. The different types of stains can be
effectively removed from cellulose fibers as well as protein fibers like cotton, linen, wool and silk. The use of
novel polymer for developing foamless liquid detergent will be useful in washing machines and in the areas
with water scarcity. Some formulations are not only technically excellent but also cost effective as compared
to commercial products. It promotes green aspects by substituting petroleum based products, their souring
cost and availability.


Novel Resin, Alpha Olefin Sulphonate, SLS and SLES, cellulose fibers and protein fibers

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Mr. Mahesh N. Nalawade, Dr. N. H. Chahande, and Dr. Pravin G. Hudge, “NOVELRESINBASED LIQUID SURFACTANT FOR CELLULOSIC AND PROTEIN FIBERS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. Special Issue, p. 7, Apr. 2019.