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The main use of Leaf springs is in
suspension system to absorb shock loads in
automobiles like light motor vehicles, heavy duty
trucks and in rail systems. It carries, brake torque,
driving torque,lateral loads in addition to shock
absorbing. The advantage of leaf spring over
helical spring is that the ends of the spring may be
guided along a definite path as it deflects to act as
a structural member in addition to energy
absorbing device. The suspension leaf spring is
one of the potential items for weight reduction in
automobiles unsprung weight. The main aim of
our project is to study and analyze the leaf spring
of Bolero Vehicle which is made up of Steel and
combination of steel and epoxy material. The 3 D
model of leaf spring was drawn with the help of
CATIA software. The experimental testing was
carried using FFT Analyser. The analysis was
carried out with the help of ANSYS software. The
comparative analysis was carried out between the
Analytical and experimental results. After making
the comparative analysis result and conclusion
was drawn.


Leaf Spring, Steel, Epoxy, ANSYS,FFT Analyzer

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