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The function of connecting rod is to transmit the thrust of the piston to the crank shaft.Role of
connecting rod in the conversion of reciprocating motion into rotary motion.A four-stroke
engine is the most common type.The four strokes are intake,compression, power ,and exhaust.
Each stroke requires approximately 180degrees of crank shaft rotation,so the complete cycle
would take720degrees.Each stroke plays a very important role in the combustion process.In
the intake cycle,while the piston moves downward,one ofthe valves open.This creates a
vacuum,and an air-fuel mixture is sucked into the chamber. During the second stroke
compression occurs.In compression both valves are closed,and the piston moves upward and
thus creates a pressure on the piston.Then extstroke is power.During this process the
compressed air-fuel mixture is ignited with a spark,causing a tremendous pressure as the fuel
burns.The forces exerted by piston transmitted through the connecting rod moves the crank
shaft.Finally, the exhaust stroke occurs.In this stroke,the exhaust valve opens,as the piston
moves backupwards,it forces all the air out ofthe chamber and thus which completes the cycle
of crankshaft rotation.

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