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The main objective is to harvest and recapture the maximum amount of wind energy from the
automobiles running on the highways. In most cities, highways are a faster route for everyday commute and
in need of constant lighting makes this an efficient way to produce natural energy. The unused and
considerable amount of wind is used to drive the vertical wind turbine, which will use the kinetic energy of
the wind to produce the electrical energy. Increased turbulence levels yield greater fluctuations in wind speed
and direction. Unlike traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), vertical axis wind turbine effectively
captures turbulent winds which are typical in urban settings. An effort is made to create a vertical axis wind
mill of 500W capacity. Our aim is to design the turbine which will capture the maximum of wind in any
direction by placing it at optimum place and height by considering both the cost and safety of the system. This
system can be used in huge number to generate the huge amount of useful electrical energy. This energy can
be stored and transferred to nearest rural places where we can fulfill the demand of electricity. The thought
of design directs us to look into the various aspects such as manufacturing, noise, cost which leads us to our
additional aim of analyzing the system to overcome the usual technical glitches. The project brief involves the
design of a small scale wind turbine that can be easily mass produced and fitted on every highway medians to
aid electricity consumption.


Aerodynamics, Darrieus and Savonius, highway medians, involute, spiral blade, power generation, vertical axis, wind turbine.

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Roshni. D. Murodiya and Dr.Hari Kumar Naidu, “DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF VERTICAL WIND TURBINE FOR POWER GENERATION AT HIGHWAY MEDIANS”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 10, Mar. 2018.