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Nowadays, many researchers proposed
algorithms based on the combination of steganography
and visual cryptography method with the aim of high
secure secrecy, reliability, accuracy and efficiency for the
secret message. Steganography means hides secret data
inside another medium and visual cryptography provide
high security with less computation when comparative
with other methods. The main objective of the proposed
work is to develop a novel scheme for shares generation
and hides the data in a carrier for secure secret data
transmission. In this paper, two level of security is
provided which means first layer of security is
accomplished by splitting an input image into two shares
using VC scheme and second layer of security is
accomplished by embedding secret data inside the shares
means bits of the secret data is hidden behind the shares
bits and so information cannot be revealed with single
share. The experimental result shows the feasibility of the
novel scheme which is highly secure and reliable. This
novel method can be deployed in forensic department or
transmits confidential message from sender to receiver
that is to be safe and so intruders can’t reveal that secret


Steganography, Visual Cryptography(VC), shares, Security, Image

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Rajkamal Gupta and Ankit Sanghavi, “High Security Encryption Using AES & Visual Cryptography”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 4, Mar. 2018.