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This paper presents the performance comparison for 2 types of Bedini SSG free energy generator. The Bedini SSG is one types of
magnetic motor generators based on zero point technology created and demonstrated by John Bedini. This device acts as a self-battery charger. The study involved the construction and performance of the original Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator SSG Energizer and 4-Pole Neodymium Magnet Bedini SSG. This type of free energy generator can be one of an alternative way to replace the non-renewable energy sources that will run out in future. In this paper, the Battery’s Coefficient of Performance (COP) for both designs will be identified. Investigation and analysis were done for both types of Bedini SSG. It was found that the replication design can charge faster, had less power consumption and its COP improved by 8% compared to the originaldesign.


Bedini SSG circuit operation; Bifilar winding, Sealed lead acid battery, coil core, Bedini SSG rotor

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Swapnil Kondawar, Rajesh kumar, Rakesh R. Poojari, Ajankaya jadhav, and Rohit Kshirsagar, “Bedini wheel Using Electromagnetic Flux Generation”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 5, Mar. 2018.

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