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The construction industry is inefficient in many aspects. Wastage, inability to complete the work in stipulated time, semiskilled labours, poor planning, improper supervision etc. are some of the leading problems in construction industry. To minimize these
problems to a certain extent LEAN can be introduced. Lean is commonly understood in manufacturing to be the elimination of
waste from a process in order to increase process speed and improve quality. Lean has a great history with other industries. Thus its scope in civil engineering is very high as construction industry is the most unorganized industry in India. Our project includes some of the important methodologies related with lean that can be applied on the field. Such methodologies will help in improving the quantity of work without compromising on quality. The concepts, principles, scope, importance, applications of lean in various industries, methodologies; limitations; applications of the concept of lean in civil engineering construction industry etc. will be the focus of our topic.


Lean,,Semiskilled, Elimination Of Waste

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Ms.Priya Lande, “STRUCTURAL AND NON-STRUCTURAL BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURES (BRICK, CONCRETE, STONE, WOOD, STEEL STRUCTURES)”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 5, Mar. 2018.