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Rotavator is important agricultural equipment playing significant role in seedbed preparation. Now a days
most of farmers preferring rotavator for the seedbed preparation than traditional methods. There are
different types of rotavators are to be used for different soil conditions. Now due to improper knowledge of
scientific design and material selection the rotavator get fail after some time. Different manufacturers
removed the problem of failure of different parts of rotavator without implementing any design process. In
this paper by carrying out extensive literature review, different reasons of failure of rotavator have been
identified. The existing rotavator is analyzed by doing modeling and carrying out ANSYS analysis. It has
been found out that the material for flange is not proper to withstand the different types of forces incurred on
it. Therefore new material EN 19(oil Quenched & drawn) has suggested.


Rotavator, rotor shaft, Flange, Blades

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Mr. S. A. Mishra, Dr . A. R. Sahu, Prof. R. D. Thakre, and Prof. U. D. Gulhane, “COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ROTOR SHAFT OF ROTAVATOR”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 13, Mar. 2018.