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The multilevel inverter utilization has been increased since the last decade. Cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter is one of the popular converter topologies used in high power medium voltage application. These new type of inverters are suitable in various high voltage and high power applications also due to their ability to synthesize waveforms with better harmonic spectrum and faithful output. This paper presents five level cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter, using multicarrier pulse width modulation technique. And also comparison is made between multicarrier pulse width modulation and the embedded MATLAB function. The Simulation results are presented to prove that THD is reduced with the multicarrier modulation. From the results, the proposed inverter provides higher output quality with relatively lower power loss as compared to the other conventional inverters with the same output quality.


Keywords- THD-Total Hormonic Distortion, DF-Distortion Factor.

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Ms.S.D.Chandankhede, , Mr. N.Pohane, and , Mr. K.N.Sawalakhe, “SIMULATION & HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION OF FIVE LEVEL CASCADED HBRIDGE MULTILEVEL INVERTER USING SINUSOIDAL PULSE WIDTH MODULATION TECHNIQUE”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 8, Mar. 2018.