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In the previous methods of sharing the digital image i.e. Visual Secret Sharing (VSS) scheme and Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme (EVSS) arises a transmission risk problem while sharing the secret data. To reduce this unavoidable problem, the solution is given in this paper. This paper introduces a natural-image-based Visual Secret Sharing scheme (NVSS scheme) which is the proposed technique used to reduce the transmission risk problem and also to protect the participant while sharing the data. Here, the data is in the form of digital image. In such a NVSS scheme, one digital image, one printed image i.e. n-natural images and one secret image in the form of digital are needed. All the images are converted into one noise-like share for sharing the secret image. By performing the process of extraction, the secret image will be encrypted by using (n-1) natural shares. This generated data will be hiding by using the QR code technology. At the receiver end, the secret image will be received through the decryption process by performing the XOR operation. The transmission risk is reduced here by transmitting the natural images using a variable secure media.


Visual Secret Sharing Scheme, Extended Visual Secret Sharing Scheme, digital images, natural shares, noise-like share, etc.

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