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The medical world is compacting everyday as the technology and research improving for the welfare of human beings. The medical records of any patient suffering from severe diseases need to be carefully handled and to be stored for future reference. The medical record database system needs more attention to improve its portability and security for such applications. The medical history tracking was useful for electronic medical record system as it includes both features viz. Secure and portable. iButton is the hardware key provided to patient for accessing their medical record by themselves, doctors and insurance companies. The system was implemented on embedded platform and ARM7 as its processor unit. The system is useful in big organizations where the data storage is a critical job and the portability of record is time consuming. Another system of token generator was developed to solve the problem of queue waiting in hospitals and huge organizations for treatment. The token is generated which have printed information like name of consulting doctor, running token number, total token number, time required for check-up etc. This token system will help to update and print the running token number of patient. It saves the time of patient as required time for check-up is printed on the token, so queuing problem automatically solved. The status update of patient is communicated using ZigBee wireless network. The doctors from different department update their statuses using respective iButtons over the ZigBee network. Both systems are very useful in huge organizations and hospitals. The system can be made available for animal husbandry and defence personnel for whom handling of medical record is one of the critical jobs. The system can be upgradable to other applications with minor changes in the circuits of medical history tracking and token generation systems. 


Electronic Medical Record (EMR); iButton; ZigBee; Touch-Screen; token generation;

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Rohit Somkuwar, Girish G. Patil, Mayur V. Tiwari, and Jaya Chandwani, “MEDICAL HISTORY TRACKING AND TOKEN GENERATION USING IBUTTON AND ZIGBEE PROTOCOL”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 6, p. 6, Sep. 2019.