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Today we live in a world where everything is connected to the Internet and the social networks play an important role in our lives. The security and privacy of users is an essential factor of users in the social network. Multitudes of pictures are uploaded daily to social networks and, with them, parts of our private life are disclosed. With the development of social media technologies, sharing photos in online social networks has now become a popular way for users to maintain social connections with others. However, the rich information contained in a photo makes it easier for a malicious viewer to infer sensitive information about those who appear in the photo. How to deal with the privacy Disclosure problem incurred by photo sharing has attracted much attention in recent years. When sharing a photo that involves multiple users, the publisher of the photo should take into all related users’ privacy into account. . In this work, we propose a practical solution for secure photo sharing on social network with independence of its architecture which can be either centralized or distributed. This solution solves the inconsistencies that appear in distributed social network as a consequence of treating photos and access policies separately. Specifically, we solve this open problem by attaching an access policy to the images and thus, each time a photo is re-shared, the access policy will travel together with the image. In this paper, we explore and propose the design of a privacy-preserving photo sharing architecture, which ensures users
privacy and at the same time preserves the usability and convenience of online photo sharing activity.


Privacy, Social networks, cryptography, image sharing

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Miss Neha K Chede and Prof. S.V.Dhopte, “A REVIEW ON SECURED IMAGE SHARING AND PRIVACY PRESERVING IN SOCIAL NETWORK”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 7, Nov. 2019.