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The art of energy conversion to provide convenience of doing work gave rise to various energy producing devices. Integral of these devices is thermal power plant which consumes heat energy at input end and produces mechanical work at its output end. Working according to Rankine cycle, thermal power plant has seen a paradigm shift from sub critical to critical and super critical of which super critical technology of power plant stand today on the arena of efficient power generation. The analysis of any system is done in context of finding loop ends so as to get higher efficiency system and this analysis in power plant is done conventionally by energy analysis. Exergy which provides an  account of maximum amount of work stands apart from energy analysis to provide quality index to energy conversion. This quality index fetches results for each integral component of whole system and attempts to locate the major components where exergy destruction or work to be developed is lost. Super critical technology of power generation is also subjected to energy and exergy analysis which in form of various research work is presented in this paper. An attempt to define the parameters of further study on the platform of existing research is done in this present work.


Super crtical, Exergy , Rankine cycle

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A. K. Pitale and AMIT. NIKAM, “A REVIEW ON EXERGY ANALYSIS OF SUPER CRITICAL THERMAL POWER PLANT”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 8, Nov. 2019.