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In today’s world we tend to reduce the frequency of failure and maintenance in any business as per schedules of every machine and determined by the precise running condition of every major machinery parts utilized in industries like power plants, chemical plants, automotive industries that need precise and economical performance Bearings fail because of manufacturing error, improper assembly, loading, operation or lubrication; even if bearing is perfectly made or assembled, it will eventually fail due to fatigue of the bearing material. Condition monitoring of those machine parts like bearings, shaft and shaft mountings and installation of machine was necessary to avoid failures because in order to improve stability of work. So, condition monitoring is the process of predictive maintenance which monitors the current conditions in order to ensure safety of the machine and predicting the future condition of machines while in operation. There are many techniques of condition observance like vibration analysis, acoustic emission, oil debris observance, temperature observance. Vibration analysis is found to be the foremost wide used technique. Many techniques were obtainable and vibration observance was one among them. This paper tries the review of various sorts of bearings underneath condition monitoring techniques.


Condition monitoring, Vibration Analysis, ANSYS

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Mr.Vivek P.Kolhe and Dr. Gopal E.Chaudhari, “DEFECT ANALYSIS OF BEARING USING CONDITION MONITORING TECHNIQUE: A BRIEF REVIEW”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 5, Nov. 2019.