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Energy saving mechanism is the reason behind this research project that led us to design and test a new evaporative air cooler. The conventional energy source i.e. Electrical energy which is produced in thermal power plant, is  ultimately responsible for hot and humid conditions, has lots of adverse impact on environment like global warming , air pollution, water pollution and waste generation etc. also these energy generation required huge amount of coal that’s why the people are more fascinating towards solar energy. In hot and humid conditions the need to feel relaxed and comfortable has become one of few needs and for this purpose utilization of systems like air-conditioning and refrigeration has increased rapidly. Air cooler are one of the major consumer of electrical energy. In future the demand can be expected to increase because of changing working time, increasing global warming and increase comfort expectations. In this project, design cooler is powered by solar energy instead of conventional energy source. We are also testing the efficiency of cooler motor and pumping system by giving different voltage and current input. The system is consists of solar panel, motor, pump, blades, water tank, wood wool and honeycomb. The conventional air cooling system is most of the time not suitable for villages due to longer power cut durations and high cost of products. This model is designed by considering the need of offices, schools and small commercial consumers.


Energy saving, evaporative air cooler, solar energy.

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Naynakumar S. Ambagade, “DESIGN AND TESTING OF SOLAR POWERED EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 8, Nov. 2019.

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