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In this paper various novel cooling techniques which can be used in enhancing the performance of the solar photovoltaic cell are being discussed. The solar energy is available abundant in nature and easy to harvest it, and provides a natural solution to move ahead in fulfilling the energy requirement. We know that Solar Photovoltaic cell converts solar energy to electrical energy. It has been seen that the decrease in panel temperature will lead to an increase in electrical efficiency, so in recent years different cooling techniques have been proposed and tested, whereas with the rise in temperature of panel the electrical efficiency drops to a magnitude of 0.55%C. Several other cooling techniques including conductive cooling, phase change material cooling, ribbed wall heat sink cooling, air duet cooling and water spray cooling system etc are also being tested and used to identify their effective impact on Photovoltaic panel performance. Finally, various novel cooling techniques for the enhancement of performance of solar photovoltaic cells are being elaborated and discussed in this paper.

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Siddhant Deshmukh and Vijay V. Kale, “A REVIEW ON COOLING OF SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS USING NOVEL TECHNIQUES.”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 4, Nov. 2019.