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Casting is a manufacturing process of making a complex metal shapes .Manufacturing of sound casting is the main aim for foundry men. To achieve this number of shop floor trial casting has carried out and one repetition can take up a week or more, which affects the regular production. Many researchers reported that about 90% of the defects in castings are due to wrong design of gating & risering system and only 10% due to manufacturing problems. Casting simulation process can able to overcome these problems. It has observed that various type of simulation software has used in foundry, out of which FEM and VEM based casting simulations are widely used in foundry. In the present paper, a Elevator part (wheel) model has considered for study the solidification behavior of green sand casting and detection of hot spots in castings with the help of mentioned above casting simulation softwares. The simulated results also compared with the experimental works.


Auto-cast, Sand casting, Mold filling, solidification, simulation.

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Nikhil Dukare, Rahul Sakharkar, and Sumit Jamkar, “OPTIMIZATION OF GATING SYSTEM FOR REDUCING DEFECTS IN ELEVATOR PART (WHEEL) USING AUTO-CAST SOFTWARE AND NUMERICAL METHOD”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 4, Nov. 2019.