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Solar thermal technologies are encouraging, given the fact that solar energy is the cheapest and most commonly available of all renewable energy technologies. The recent promotion of solar energy for various applications has received significant attention from researchers, to improve the overall efficiency of various solar thermal systems. Thermal storage systems are essential to overcome the shortcoming of the discontinuous nature of solar energy. Latent heat storage by PCM are preferred over the other forms due to its higher energy storage density and a narrow operational temperature range. Among the family of solar collectors, Flat plate collector (FPC) is currently receiving considerable attention for its wide range of application. In this work experimental investigation has been carried out to investigate the thermal performance of solar flat plate collector with integration of latent thermal energy storage (PCM-60). The effect of mass flow rate of air on the instantaneous collector efficiency of solar collector with and without integration of thermal energy storage has been also investigated. The mass flow rate of air is varied from 0.01249 to 0.01527 kg/sec. The result shows that integration of TES with FPC enhances the collector efficiency by 13-20 % and at the same time it provides the air at required temperature when intensity of solar radiation is low. Thus by integrating TES with FPC hot air can be obtained even after sunshine hours. With increasing the mass flow rate of air collector efficiency also enhances.


Flat plate collector, Thermal energy storage, Phase change material etc

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Ayub Tamboli, Sunil Dambhare, and Rupesh Patil, “THERMAL PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF SOLAR FLAT PLATE COLLECTOR INCORPORATED WITH LATENT THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM (PCM)”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 10, Nov. 2019.