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As harmonic-drive transmissions find increased use and acceptance among engineers and designers for robots, manipulators, machine tools, etc. The demand for an accurate and reliable understanding of harmonic-drive operating behavior becomes useful. This review paper is dedicated to the study of the harmonic gear drive, which provides highspeed reduction & power transmission capability. This drive provides preciseness with a lot of less area as compared to different power transmission drives further as there's a negligible internal backlash. This paper will discuss the construction, working principle, review on design of harmonic drive, and characteristics of the drive with its advantages. For the selection of proper Drive according to required applications, it is necessary to the study, to develop a computer program that allows the correct choice of the harmonic drive-by developed algorithm. This paper deals with a method of selection of the proper gear drive according to requirements.The three-dimensional models of the gear driveexplain details about selection. This complexity necessitates a more real-life approach based on computer application.


Harmonic Gear Drive, Strain Wave, flexispline, wave generator, Computer Application

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Utkarsh D. Rathod, Dr. D. Y. Dhande, P. S. Shivdas, and D. S. Rathod, “A REVIEW OF COMPUTER APPLICATION FOR SELECTION OF HARMONIC GEAR DRIVE”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 4, no. 7, p. 7, Nov. 2019.