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This article is devoted to the most important and always relevant topic of literary criticism: the combination of form and content in the artistic work.The author says, that the study of Arabic literature of the Middle Ages means ,in majority of cases, the study of Arabic poetry. Nevertheless, not enough attention is paid to the study of the issues of poetics of Arabic poetry.In the article , the author refers to f famous scientists about this issue and expresses her own approach regarding the issue of poetics of mediaeval Arabic literature.The article deals with the same situation of Arabic khataaba and emphasizes ,that the poetics of works of medieval Arabic prose,in particular, khataaba – oration, public speaking art, has not yet been studied almost.The article pays attention to the harmony of the form and content in the heritage of the Arab prose of pre-Islamic ages i.e. Jajiliyyah , on the example of the khataaba of Aksam bin Sayfi, a historical figure in the time of ignorance. In the article, the author first gives a complete analysis of the content of the oration, then the literary devices used in it .By analyzing the short oration, the author proves that the form and content in the work are intertwined harmoniously.


literature, content, form, Arabic prose, khataaba, oration, sage, philosophy, literary device, harmony, poetics.

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Feruza Djuraeva Shukurovna, “THE HARMONY OF FORM AND CONTENT: THE LITERARY ANALYSIS OF THE KHATAABA OF AKSAM BIN SAIFI”, IEJRD - International Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 5, no. 2, p. 10, Mar. 2020.